Holidays in the resorts of Mexico
Let's talk about Mexico. Why is she so attractive? It amazingly combines picturesque beaches and cultural monuments of the ancient Indians and civilizations. Mexico is famous for its resorts with…

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Rest in Odessa
If you are going to relax, when choosing a coastal town, you can think about Odessa. Mostly, city guests are accommodated in apartments and rooms. An option with a hotel…

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Mini-hotels of Vladimir: pros and cons
The main advantage of mini-hotels in Vladimir is, of course, the ability to rent a room for little money. Not always a cheap room means poor quality of service, lack…

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Spring fishing

In the spring – at this wonderful time of the year when everything around is awakening and renewing itself after the winter lull – everyone really wants to experience new emotions. And what could be more interesting than relaxing in a green meadow, in the vicinity of a murmuring brook. The air is filled with cleanliness and freshness. Landscapes are painted with bright colors.

Why not organize a trip out of town to the countryside !? Such close communication with her will help to relieve all stresses, dispel all negative, give optimism and strength. Rest in Russia at this time of the year is connected with this kind of trips. Continue reading

Rest in cottages

A very common way to spend holidays abroad is to rent a cottage in some environmentally friendly region of your own country or neighboring countries. Moreover, wealthier residents are even ready to visit Russia exotic for them. Everything is explained, of course, by good ecology, huge open spaces, forests, rivers and lakes.

For recreation, especially with children, take some kind of forest recreation center or a holiday house, which has at its disposal special cottages for rent. Naturally, such outdoor recreation is the most favorable option to get rid of the plume of everyday worries. For a holiday with a child, renting a cottage is also a winning option. Here it is better to look after the child, and it is easier to organize food. Continue reading

Sri Lanka – the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism

The island of Sri Lanka is rightly called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Even in ancient times, Greek sailors, admiring the indescribable beauty, called it “Taprobana”, which means “cinnamon country”, but the island is known to us as Ceylon – “country of lions”.

The whole world knows about the best varieties of tea that are grown here. Sri Lanka got its current name in 1972, which means “Shining Island.” Continue reading

Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!
The evergreen Indonesian island of Bali attracts travelers like a magnet. And all thanks to the endless summer, warm ocean waters, clean sand and stunning nature. The special equatorial-monsoon climate…


Choose a holiday home on the lake
An advantageous solution for a traveler in a warm company or organizing a family vacation is the Lesnaya Gavan holiday home. Of course, there are a great many places where…


Event tourism
Events can be from various fields: cultural - national holidays, carnivals, music and theater festivals, film festivals; business events - exhibitions, shows, fairs, technical salons; sports - championships, olympiads, etc.…