Rest in the village of Lazarevskoye
Those who decided to relax in Lazarevsky in 2012 will be pleasantly surprised not only by clean pebble beaches, but also by modern attractions. The village has an excellent promenade,…

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Granite countertops atlanta granite countertops
Paradise Holidays in the Maldives
The intense rhythm of modern life leaves us with less and less opportunities for complete solitude and a relaxing rest. To spend a vacation away from the annoying "charms" of…

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On a safari in Crimea
The word "safari" in the vast majority of people is associated with hot Africa and the hunt for large animals. However, this is correct, because the word “safari” is of…

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Block Archery Features

The block bow was first invented in 1966 in America and became a great gift for shooters, since with the advent of such weapons there was no need to exert much effort to keep the bowstring in a state of combat tension. This made it possible to increase the projectile departure speed, and therefore, to increase the overall effectiveness of archery.

Today you can buy not a heavy block bow and start training. The fact is that starting with a heavy model is not advisable: the shooter will only have to think about how to stretch and hold the bowstring, and not hone the shooting technique. As a result, such training will not give any positive shifts and interest in shooting will quickly disappear.

In addition, you need to handle such weapons, observing certain safety precautions. What does it consist of? All archers present at the training should line up. Moreover, one cannot stand up to the line of fire and touch shells in the quivers until someone is behind this line.

If there are no obstacles in the way of the arrow’s flight, it is necessary to stand to the shield with your left side, place your feet shoulder width apart, slightly putting your left foot back and turning your fingers outward. The knees should be kept straight, the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abs strained.

When stretching a bow with a carpal release, make sure that the trigger “looks” to the side, and if it is T-shaped, then down. You can’t put your finger on the trigger or drum, otherwise you can get it with a brush in your teeth.

Owners of the carpal release should attach it to the jaw, T-shaped – to the temporomandibular joint. By applying the bow to the same point once in a while, you can achieve better accuracy of fire.

As soon as the finger catches on the release trigger, the voltage must be transferred to the blade. After aiming, press the trigger, directing the right shoulder blade and elbow back so that after the shot the brush is behind the ear. After the shot, both hands must be held for several seconds in the same position in which they were. So you can significantly increase the effectiveness of training.

Fingers from a block bow do not shoot. This does not allow you to get a clean gathering of the bowstring, which means that the boom will not be correct and you will not have to rely on the repeatability of the technique. It’s easy to buy a block bow, it’s much harder to learn how to use it properly and achieve good shooting results.

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