Sri Lanka - the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism
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20 years on the market - an indicator of reliability
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Holidays in Thailand

After a long work, rest is required. It is best to hold it not only interesting, but also for the benefit of your health, so that vivid memories remain and strength is added. Most often they dream of beaches, white sand and the sea. Holidays in Thailand are good, no doubt, at any time of the year.

Pattaya is the most popular and famous holiday destination in Thailand. Pattaya is translated as “southwest wind”, the stress in the name of the city is placed on the last syllable. For the first time, Americans drew attention to the beauties of this paradise during the Vietnam War, having organized a recreation center for officers on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Until that moment, it was an idle village, the inhabitants of which were engaged in fishing. Today, Pattaya is a world-class resort that is rapidly developing and increasing the level of comfort offered.

All types of recreation are presented here – youth and family, passive and active, contemplative and cognitive. The sea and beaches, the amazing beauty of nature are not the only attractions of Thailand. The country itself has a distinctive culture and numerous traditions that open to tourists.

By right, one of the most beautiful parks in the world is the Madame Nong Nooch Botanical Garden. This whole complex features gardens of butterflies, cacti, orchids. There is also a French park and a car park with exclusive cars, and all this against the background of ancient temples. At the elephant farm, you can ride them and see a performance in which elephants demonstrate the ability to walk on the ropes and ride a bicycle.

In Pattaya there are various farms and zoos, in which there are performances with the participation of wild animals – elephants, tigers, and you can also see pig races. A distinctive condition for keeping animals is that they walk freely in the wild. You can hold it on your hands and feed a tiger milk from a bottle on a tiger farm. On crocodile farms, tourists can take part in feeding crocodiles.

Fans of outdoor activities should go to golf courses, shooting galleries, bowling clubs or go horse riding. Thailand is also a place where you can go diving at different levels. For example, in Pattaya, not far from the beach, there are several islands surrounded by clear water and coral reefs. For beginners, experienced instructors constantly conduct classes. Here everyone will find something to their liking, whether it be fishing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing or sailing.

Many unforgettable sensations can be experienced on various excursions, the most acute of which can be considered a trip to the island of Phi Phi: with strong excitement, the boat takes on an almost vertical state. Tourists will receive indescribable impressions as a reward.

The Thai cuisine is the most diverse, food can be found for any, even the most finicky, taste. Most hotels offer a buffet. Many cafes and restaurants specialize in dishes of European cuisine or national menus of Russian, Italian, Chinese, Georgian cuisine. On the streets of the city, for a reasonable fee, merchants offer local food, designed mainly not for tourists, but for local residents. Exotic lovers can easily find dishes to their taste, for example, dried grasshoppers.

The nightlife of Thailand, especially Pattaya, is full of: many bars, nightclubs. Walking Street is a peaceful place during the day, but at night it is filled with colorful transkite music shows “Alkazar” and other adult entertainment.

Temples are another undoubted attraction of this corner. In the northern part of Pattaya is the Temple of Truth, a magnificent building constructed entirely of wood with outlandish carvings. On South Street is the no less amazing Temple of Doom. There are several Chinese and Thai temples near Pattaya. It should be noted that all the famous temples that are in Thailand can be seen in miniature in the Mini Siam park.

Numerous excursions are held in the cities, during which guide-interpreters talk about sights, temples, zoos and gardens. After a trip to Phuket, rubber plantations and many monkeys will be remembered. In the rainy season, the sea is restless, but you can enjoy the sunset and admire the sea turtles. Guided tours of D. Bond Island are held, where you can roam the mango thickets and explore the caves. Another option is to go to neighboring countries – Vietnam, Cambodia.

The most popular souvenirs are wooden products, crocodile or snake skin, jewelry made from precious stones that are mined in Thailand, as well as silk. At the largest trade and exhibition center Gems Gallery courteous sellers are ready to talk in detail about the merits of the goods, after which it is impossible to resist from not buying something for yourself.

In a word, a vacation in Thailand is something unforgettable, amazing, useful and informative. And if you have not been here, do not delay the journey to the long drawer: Thailand is waiting for you!

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