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An unforgettable vacation in Tunisia

Changes in the life of the country or in the world arena always cause some concern and invariably entail something new. This is how Russia at the end of the last century got the opportunity to expand ties with other countries, and the inhabitants of the country opened their way far abroad, for example, to Tunisia. Russian tourists discovered this country relatively recently, it began to quickly gain popularity.

From the northern and eastern parts, this North African state is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which means there are plenty of places for a beach holiday. Add the exotic of the African country, and the answer to the question about the reasons for the popularity of Tunisia among tourists is ready.

The peculiarity of the climate makes those who want to come here carefully choose the time of arrival. If the heat is poorly tolerated (and the average summer temperature reaches 40 degrees), then it is better to postpone the trip to September-October. Then even a trip to the desert does not seem sultry to you.

Tunisia will allow tourists not only to enjoy the sea. There are many historical monuments and simply interesting places in the country. In the capital – Tunisia, the Hasanids Mausoleum and the Grand Mosque attract tourists. The palaces of Dar Ben Abdalah and Dar el Bey are very interesting for their marble decoration. Vacationers do not miss the opportunity to visit the large covered bazaar where you can buy everything, which means you can choose souvenirs for friends and relatives.

The city of Sousse also has something to see. And the Grand Mosque, more like a fortress, and the museum of archeology and Islamic art, and the remains of Byzantine fortifications, Roman houses, Phoenician tombs deserve the attention of the country’s guests. It is also a famous resort town.

Sfax is rich in mosques: Jami El Azusayp is immediately followed by Sidi El-Bahri. No less interesting are the Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions and the galleries of the Andalusian Palace with a variety of collections of weapons, clothes, household utensils.

The city of El Jem is famous for the Amphitheater towering above it, which has been well preserved since antiquity. According to legend, the stones from his arena possessed protective properties, and they were often taken to their homes by local residents.

Buying tours to Tunisia, tourists can choose any hotel, because almost all of them are on the coast. The food in the hotels is good, in the high season for breakfast and dinner, tourists receive a “buffet”, composed of Italian and Tunisian dishes. At other times, you will have to live the menu, although themed nights are practiced in a number of hotels, when the restaurant offers dishes of one particular cuisine. They say that in hotels of the highest class do not repeat even once in two weeks with the preparation of dinners. When choosing hotels, we must remember that the fullness of rooms with equipment and everything necessary depends on its stardom. From this is the price. Separately paid beach equipment – sunbeds and umbrellas, but towels are better to take from home.

In Tunisia, you can choose not only a hotel, but also a resort. The suburb of the capital is Gammart. It is located on the shores of the Tunisian Bay and is a place lined with chic private villas and hotels of the highest class. At the same time, the resort can accept about 19 thousand tourists. The hotels are equipped with everything necessary, but if a tourist suddenly gets bored or the resort’s entertainment seems monotonous, there is always the opportunity to go to the capital, which is only 18 kilometers away.

Another popular seaside resort is Djerba, where you can face to face the cultures of several departed civilizations: Roman, Punic, Arabic, Western. In addition, the island has excellent beaches, clean sea in the sea, and if you wish, you can wander around the mazes of streets for hours, admiring the old buildings. There are not many hotels due to the limited space of the island, but they usually have four and five stars, which indicates excellent service. Local coastal waters are very popular for diving and fishing.

Tourists seeking peace and solitude can be advised to rest in the village of Korba, which is based on the Cap Bon Peninsula near the city of Hammamet. There are wide beaches with white sand and a lot of greenery, giving freshness and shade in this country with a difficult climate.

Monastir is still considered the leading resort of Tunisia: the city is favorably located, it has an international airport and the Congress Palace. Tourists are surprised to admire the unusual combination of modern avenues and provincial buildings. In addition, a huge golf course has been created here, which is an arena for international competitions. So tourists can not only relax on the beach, but also play sports, and not only its aquatic views.

Africa has always seemed to the Russians inaccessible and very distant. Times have changed, everything has become closer. It remains only to find your place in Tunisia and set off for new experiences.

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