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Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. Naturally, we want the wedding day, the birthday of the new family to be special. And it is possible.…

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triple blowjob
Greece - a journey for a natural fur coat
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Tours in the UAE: give yourself a luxurious vacation!
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Above the roof: 5 exciting ways to jump into the abyss (part 1)

For some, extreme sports are a journey to another city, not in a compartment car, but in a reserved seat, but someone does not find a place for himself and thinks to do this? When all the “civilian” entertainments have already snapped, you need to rise higher. In the truest sense of the word.

Perhaps the most extreme sport on the list. But also the most affordable – parachute schools are now breeding like mushrooms after the rain, so you will not need to go to distant lands to feel like a paratrooper.

Perhaps, while you are standing on the ground and looking up at the sky at the little men under the domes, it will seem to you – “So what is it? Any fool can do that! ” But this is only at first glance. When the instructor gallantly prompts you to drop out of the plane, your knees will probably shake. Of course, no one will let you jump from three thousand meters, if this is the first time for you, but even the “dummy” 800-1000 meters with your head will be enough to get your portion of adrenaline.

In general, parachuting is quite safe – the modern mechanisms for opening the dome are automated, so there is no need to worry that at a critical moment you will forget to “pull the ring”. Rings may not be. Pay attention to the slings of the parachute, which should be flexible, elastic and durable, since it is with them the human body is attached to the dome, and they bear the main load.

By the way, if you are afraid of walking the path from the clouds to the soil under your feet alone, you can come to the airfield and demand a tandem jump with the instructor. It’s more expensive, but to hang down for a company with an experienced skydiver is, of course, psychologically easier.

The external design of the paraglider resembles a parachute, but it starts from the ground. More precisely, from a hill or a hill. This is an ideal way to feel like a bird, without really testing your nervous system for strength.

The average flight speed is approximately 35 km / h, preparation for launch takes no more than 15 minutes, and there are no special requirements for the physical preparation of the pilot. However, as in other glider sports, the success of the route depends on weather conditions – you should not expect anything good on a foggy or pre-thunderstorm day. Clear and calm weather will also bring little pleasure. But on a good and moderately windy day you can fly under a self-inflating wing for several hours in a row, after which you can compactly fold the paraglider into a tourist backpack and go about your business.

If you do not plan to purchase and independently master the design, call the nearby paraglider clubs and declare your desire to join their orderly ranks. And after 2-3 lessons in a group with an instructor, you can safely be called a beginner paraglider, take pictures against the backdrop of multi-colored domes and discuss at the thematic forums of various equipment manufacturers.

Hang Glider
Loved flying kites in childhood? What about trying your hand as a pilot of such a snake? That is, as a “driver” of a hang glider – a light and durable glider with a triangular (in the form of the Greek letter “delta”) wing, in honor of which it got its name.

As in the previous case, takeoff and landing takes place from the ground, using the pilot’s physical efforts alone. The success of the flight depends on meteorological conditions, and this sport also does not require special training.

What distinguishes hang gliders from paragliders? First of all, speed. A hang glider can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h (although the average speed is 75 km / h), while for a soft wing of a paraglider, acceleration of 60 km is already critical – the dome can easily develop and lose control. Due to the rigid structure, hang gliders are more stable in the air, they gain height faster and are resistant to turbulence.

As for safety, then everything depends, first of all, on the pilot. If you do not grab the high-speed glider instead of the training glider in the first lesson, do not try to fight the hurricane wind and soberly assess your capabilities, then you will get nothing but pleasure.

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