The mysterious country

Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!
The evergreen Indonesian island of Bali attracts travelers like a magnet. And all thanks to the endless summer, warm ocean waters, clean sand and stunning nature. The special equatorial-monsoon climate…

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Family holidays in winter
Rest is truly considered rest when the whole family is assembled! Whatever place you want to rest, it will still be boring and sad if you don’t have people close…

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China: Amazing Hong Kong
Former British Crown citizen of Hong Kong became a kind of Manhattan of Asia. Hong Kong is an amazing city, and although in 1997 the reassignment to China became history,…

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Above the roof: 5 exciting ways to jump into the abyss (part 2)

Well, a very extreme way to have fun. For beginners, eager to tickle their nerves, the path is ordered here. BASE jumping is a parachute jump from fixed objects (rocks, houses, bridges). Only the most experienced and reckless parachutists can master it.

The danger is that the usual jump is made from a solid height, and the opening of the dome occurs somewhere 600 meters from the ground, after 3-4 seconds. Another 5-7 minutes is left for soaring under the dome and admiring the beauties of nature. And in base jumping the whole flight lasts only 5-6 seconds! In addition, the design does not provide a safety system and a reserve parachute – there simply will not be enough time to open it. Continue reading

Above the roof: 5 exciting ways to jump into the abyss (part 1)

For some, extreme sports are a journey to another city, not in a compartment car, but in a reserved seat, but someone does not find a place for himself and thinks to do this? When all the “civilian” entertainments have already snapped, you need to rise higher. In the truest sense of the word.

Perhaps the most extreme sport on the list. But also the most affordable – parachute schools are now breeding like mushrooms after the rain, so you will not need to go to distant lands to feel like a paratrooper. Continue reading

Mini-hotels of Vladimir: pros and cons

The main advantage of mini-hotels in Vladimir is, of course, the ability to rent a room for little money. Not always a cheap room means poor quality of service, lack of hot water or amenities in the room. There are no special costs for cheap hotels in the construction and development of a certain infrastructure.

Inexpensive mini-hotels of Vladimir have a good level of comfort. Often such hotels, especially in ancient small towns, are located in private houses and cottages, so only here you can feel real home comfort. The inn can belong to one family that lives in their house permanently. But there are also specially constructed buildings for mini-hotels. Continue reading

Holidays in Greece

Greece – the birthplace of ancient antiquity, the main center of the emergence of Christianity and the best vacation spot in Europe for tourists.

Throughout Greece, a huge number of cultural monuments and attractions are common. Classical Greece contains monuments of medieval and ancient cultures, full of historical events, legends and myths.

Modern Greece is in no way inferior to antique: a mild subtropical climate, picturesque nature, amazing sandy and pebble beaches. This is all tourist Greece. National cuisine will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmet. Many hotels, famous resorts and SPA-centers will delight everyone who wants to relax and unwind. Continue reading

How to relax with children

When a child appears in the family, the life of the parents ceases to belong only to them. They completely devote it to a small child, try to make the baby enjoy a happy and carefree childhood.

Of course, each parent wants to bring his child to the sea, but from what age you can do this, not everyone knows. To begin with, there is no specific age limit. If you feel that the baby can move the road, then you can go with at least a five-month-old baby.

It is only necessary to take into account that in infants a period of adaptation to other weather conditions takes much longer. Therefore, if you have already decided to get out into the warm regions, then the duration of the trip should exceed two weeks. Ideally, this is three weeks, or even a month. Continue reading

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Tours in the UAE: give yourself a luxurious vacation!
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Vladimir is part of the Golden Ring of Russia
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