The mysterious country

Where can I spend my summer vacation in Russia?
It's time for holidays, suitcase mood, tanning and spending earned money for the year - this, of course, is summer. Suppose you decide to spend your vacation without leaving your…

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An unforgettable vacation in Tunisia
Changes in the life of the country or in the world arena always cause some concern and invariably entail something new. This is how Russia at the end of the…

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UAE: city tour
The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates, each of which has its own laws, attractions and history. The most popular emirates are Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The most…

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Block Archery Features

The block bow was first invented in 1966 in America and became a great gift for shooters, since with the advent of such weapons there was no need to exert much effort to keep the bowstring in a state of combat tension. This made it possible to increase the projectile departure speed, and therefore, to increase the overall effectiveness of archery.

Today you can buy not a heavy block bow and start training. The fact is that starting with a heavy model is not advisable: the shooter will only have to think about how to stretch and hold the bowstring, and not hone the shooting technique. As a result, such training will not give any positive shifts and interest in shooting will quickly disappear. Continue reading

Spain – fireworks of emotions

One of the most attractive countries for tourists is Spain. Holidays in this country will appeal to everyone, and the emotions of the splendor of this country will continue to stir the soul for a long time.

Contemplating the majestic buildings of Madrid, it is hard to imagine that once a miniature village stood on the site of this city. The village was located near the walls of the Madzhirit fortress and gradually expanded, slowly but surely turning into a beautiful city. Continue reading

Tours in the UAE: give yourself a luxurious vacation!

The United Arab Emirates is an amazing and exotic country. Travelers, getting to the edge of deserts and oases, get a lot of new, incomparable experiences. The developed tourism infrastructure offers shopping tours, a beach holiday option and many excursions of various subjects.

Oriental Islamic motifs and high international standards of service attract a huge number of vacationers from around the world. Tours in the UAE to popular resorts, distinguished by color and attractions, are equally demanded by different categories of tourists. Continue reading

UAE – a place for a relaxing holiday

The United Arab Emirates (hereinafter UAE) are located in West Asia on the Arabian Peninsula. This state consists of seven small principalities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain. The capital is Abu Dhabi. Indigenous people here are Arabs. A lot of foreign citizens live and work in the UAE – Europeans, Americans, Pakistanis, Iranians and Indians. Arabic is considered the official language, and English is also widely spoken.

Each principality, which is part of the UAE, has independence and represents an absolute monarchy. The main authority is considered the High Council, which consists of the rulers of the emirates. A president is elected from among them. Continue reading

An unforgettable vacation in Tunisia

Changes in the life of the country or in the world arena always cause some concern and invariably entail something new. This is how Russia at the end of the last century got the opportunity to expand ties with other countries, and the inhabitants of the country opened their way far abroad, for example, to Tunisia. Russian tourists discovered this country relatively recently, it began to quickly gain popularity.

From the northern and eastern parts, this North African state is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which means there are plenty of places for a beach holiday. Add the exotic of the African country, and the answer to the question about the reasons for the popularity of Tunisia among tourists is ready. Continue reading

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