The mysterious country

Rest in Karelia
We very carefully chose a place to relax, preferably on the river and in comfortable conditions. At first they wanted to go to Finland, but settled on Karelia. There are…

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Event tourism
Events can be from various fields: cultural - national holidays, carnivals, music and theater festivals, film festivals; business events - exhibitions, shows, fairs, technical salons; sports - championships, olympiads, etc.…

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Above the roof: 5 exciting ways to jump into the abyss (part 1)
For some, extreme sports are a journey to another city, not in a compartment car, but in a reserved seat, but someone does not find a place for himself and…

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20 years on the market – an indicator of reliability

The 20-year history of Sol-O attracts respect not only from customers, but also from competitors. The development of the company has always been systematic and dynamic. We have always worked on the principle that trust and reliability are more important than numbers. Of course, one could resort to more aggressive actions in promoting the market, however, such a development process is fraught with great risks.

We work with people, and it is not in our interests to risk our customers, their trust and respect. For ourselves, we have chosen the most optimal ratio in our work: to progressively pursue our goals with minimal risks for ourselves and our travelers. Thanks to the chosen policy, we were able to achieve stability in times of crisis and exit without losses. Passing through such difficult periods, we have learned to value our customers even more, developing a flexible system of work. Continue reading

Greece – a journey for a natural fur coat

Of course, any girl wants to put on a “fluffy beauty” – a fur coat. The very process of buying this thing can be compared with a wonderful trip to the sea and an excursion program, otherwise it is a wonderful trip.

Why do people go abroad only for a fur coat? Precisely because there you can buy a wonderful new thing with a unique design, which will be much cheaper and better than ours. Once with my family we had a rest in Greece, there was a wonderful opportunity to visit Greek fur factories. At that time, I did not even realize that the Greeks were engaged in the fur business. Shiny sable fur, mink, fashionable denim jackets with a fox finish. It was not without a purchase – they bought mom a fur coat for one thousand dollars from a red fox. Some bought fur coats, the prices of which were much higher than ours. But in Russia, such beauty would cost three times more. Continue reading

Spring fishing

In the spring – at this wonderful time of the year when everything around is awakening and renewing itself after the winter lull – everyone really wants to experience new emotions. And what could be more interesting than relaxing in a green meadow, in the vicinity of a murmuring brook. The air is filled with cleanliness and freshness. Landscapes are painted with bright colors.

Why not organize a trip out of town to the countryside !? Such close communication with her will help to relieve all stresses, dispel all negative, give optimism and strength. Rest in Russia at this time of the year is connected with this kind of trips. Continue reading

Choose a holiday home on the lake

An advantageous solution for a traveler in a warm company or organizing a family vacation is the Lesnaya Gavan holiday home. Of course, there are a great many places where you can relax in Russia with the whole family and it is exciting and interesting. But in this holiday home, an integrated approach to the rest of its guests is applied, the desire to spend an active holiday, a children’s holiday and a relaxing family vacation is taken into account.

Today, when searching for a recreation center, the most common means is, of course, the Internet. Every day, objects are searched that will be both cheap and of high quality. Finding credible information is sometimes very difficult. Continue reading

Rest in cottages

A very common way to spend holidays abroad is to rent a cottage in some environmentally friendly region of your own country or neighboring countries. Moreover, wealthier residents are even ready to visit Russia exotic for them. Everything is explained, of course, by good ecology, huge open spaces, forests, rivers and lakes.

For recreation, especially with children, take some kind of forest recreation center or a holiday house, which has at its disposal special cottages for rent. Naturally, such outdoor recreation is the most favorable option to get rid of the plume of everyday worries. For a holiday with a child, renting a cottage is also a winning option. Here it is better to look after the child, and it is easier to organize food. Continue reading

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