The mysterious country

Wedding celebrations in legendary cities
Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. Naturally, we want the wedding day, the birthday of the new family to be special. And it is possible.…

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We organize outdoor activities with the team
What do you see outside your gray and stuffy office? Bright and warm sun, light breeze - beautiful weather. It’s just the time to go somewhere in nature, taking with…

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Rest in cottages
A very common way to spend holidays abroad is to rent a cottage in some environmentally friendly region of your own country or neighboring countries. Moreover, wealthier residents are even…

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Rest in Karelia

We very carefully chose a place to relax, preferably on the river and in comfortable conditions. At first they wanted to go to Finland, but settled on Karelia.

There are a lot of beautiful places, all kinds of camp sites, hotels, but this is again the noise, neighbors’ partying until the morning, etc. I wanted silence and solitude, and we found such a place near the small village of Kindasovo. The house stood on the banks of the Shuya River, with its pier, fenced. Continue reading

Event tourism

Events can be from various fields: cultural – national holidays, carnivals, music and theater festivals, film festivals; business events – exhibitions, shows, fairs, technical salons; sports – championships, olympiads, etc. The world-famous events, for example, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Carnival in Brazil, the Venice Carnival, the Cannes Film Festival, St. Patrick’s Day in Britain, are most popular. Continue reading

Where can I spend my summer vacation in Russia?

It’s time for holidays, suitcase mood, tanning and spending earned money for the year – this, of course, is summer. Suppose you decide to spend your vacation without leaving your homeland. Then let’s find out where this is done especially well and where to go on holiday in Russia?

With all the diversity of overseas resorts, the popularity of the Black Sea is unlikely to run out. Every year, service is getting better, and coastal zones are developing rapidly. Black Sea resorts can already compete on equal terms with overseas coastal settlements. The choice of a tourist offers a large number of different offers for housing and entertainment. And the climate of the Black Sea coast contributes to bronze tanning and swimming in the gentle warm sea. Continue reading

Holidays in Thailand

After a long work, rest is required. It is best to hold it not only interesting, but also for the benefit of your health, so that vivid memories remain and strength is added. Most often they dream of beaches, white sand and the sea. Holidays in Thailand are good, no doubt, at any time of the year.

Pattaya is the most popular and famous holiday destination in Thailand. Pattaya is translated as “southwest wind”, the stress in the name of the city is placed on the last syllable. For the first time, Americans drew attention to the beauties of this paradise during the Vietnam War, having organized a recreation center for officers on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Until that moment, it was an idle village, the inhabitants of which were engaged in fishing. Today, Pattaya is a world-class resort that is rapidly developing and increasing the level of comfort offered. Continue reading

Sri Lanka – the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism

The island of Sri Lanka is rightly called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Even in ancient times, Greek sailors, admiring the indescribable beauty, called it “Taprobana”, which means “cinnamon country”, but the island is known to us as Ceylon – “country of lions”.

The whole world knows about the best varieties of tea that are grown here. Sri Lanka got its current name in 1972, which means “Shining Island.” Continue reading

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Holidays in Thailand
After a long work, rest is required. It is best to hold it not only interesting, but also for the benefit of your health, so that vivid memories remain and…